Yuletide – Winter’s Solstice Omen

Sunday, December 22nd Whispering Lake Grove celebrated Yule at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Erie. The omen taken was Tiwaz, Fehu, and Sowilo. These runes indicated to me that as we stand within liminal space and liminal time we are encouraged to conserve our resources (both physical and financial) and to remember that even though this is the dark time of the year, the sun will rise once more upon the horizon and we can always rely on the community and the Kindred. It was deemed a most auspicious omen for the people.

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Samhain Omen 2019

For this particular High Day, which I admit was full of energy, the Kindred were particularly kind in their blessings. We were given Jera, Ansuz, and Elhaz. Communication is a strong asset. As we move forward in the new year, knowledgeable in the fact that the Kindred are watching over us, we can accomplish even more in 2020 than we did in 2019.

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Lughnassadh Omen 2019

We received Laguz, Nauthiz, and Gebho. This indicated to me that while there may very well be burdens upon our souls and our spirit, we have a great gift of the blessings of the Kindred, so long as we remember to honor the Ancient Bargain. The community is one of our greatest assets and one we should use to its highest potential.

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Midsummer Omen

Among the stones cast for this celebration honoring Sunna I received Elhaz, Hagalaz, Manaz, Eihwaz, Nauthiz, and Raidho. The message that came to me as I interpreted these stones in their particular pattern, was that the Kindred have been with us throughout the best and the worst of the season. There is much that we as a community must do to see our goals realized, and the biggest is to stick together. Regardless of whether there is sun or rain, we need to be there for each other. The Kindred will help with the rest. This is a common message of late, and one that I think we all need to consider as we enter into another season.

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Eostre and Beltane Omen

I must apologize to those who are reading the omens for the Grove. While I know there are pictures of the omens cast for both of these celebrations, I have to admit that the inspiration that came from the Kindred in answer to our hails did not translate well to the written word. In other words, I have no idea what I said at the time. I am working to improve upon this new aspect of my divination and seership skills. Please bear with me…

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Imbolc Omen

During our celebration honoring the return of the light and the blessings of Lady Brighid. The omen was taken by Rev. Carrion Mann via the Runes. We received Kennaz – the Torch representing illumination, Perthro – the Dice Cup representing Choice and fate, finally Othala – representing the hearth and home. As this is a hearth holiday, this is considered an excellent omen for the community.

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Yuletide Omen

During the Yuletide celebration, we honored our many Kindred allies of the Middle Realm.

Following the sacrifice we received the following omen:

Raidho – Indicating a Journey
Berkano – Indicating new Beginnings
Isa – Indicating the need to Rest

Generally read together I felt that the Kindred were trying to tell us that we all would be taking a journey together as a community. They want us to take time for ourselves. They are always with us and want to help us on our journey, but they want us to take a few minutes to honor them at our shrines. We do not have such busy schedules that we can’t take the time to say a simple prayer and give an offering of some sort.

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Samhain Celebration

On Sunday, October 28th we celebrated Samhain and honored our Ancestors according to the Ancient Bargain. Our sacrifice was well received (though I believe they would have gladly danced with us all through the night…) and our omen was deemed good.

We received Uruz which speaks of manifestation and organizing our energies.
We received Fehu which speaks to movable wealth, and also indicates the “wealth” of community resources.
Finally, we received Wunjo which speaks to us of joy and happiness.
Overall, I had the sense that the Ancients are a resource we may always rely on to help us manifest our deepest desires, dreams, and endeavors throughout the season and the future.

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Harvest Tide 2018

During our celebration of the Harvest Tide we honored the Earth Mother. The message we received was:

Tiwaz – Ingwaz – Hagalaz

I interpreted this to mean that regardless of the coming season of ice and storm we have a community that comes together to create an environment of fertility for future endeavors. Everything will even out, even if it seems a bit unbalanced at times.

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Lughnassadh Omen

The first omen was taken to determine if Crom Dubh would stay his hand for the season, until such time that the harvest could be brought in. We were given Berkano, Perthro, and Jera. As Berkano and Jera indicate good harvest for the year and Perthro indicates fate being in our hands, I consider this a good omen.

After the sacrifice Lugh gave us the following message: Elhaz, Thurisaz, Sowilo, and Othala. I felt a tug when I received this message. It indicates that Lugh stands with us during difficult periods in our lives, especially within the hearth and home. A new day is dawning and dangers will be illuminated, taken out of the dark. All of the Kindred stand with us and as long as we retain our community, we will emerge victorious.

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