The members of Whispering Lake Grove are committed to the ADF motto, “Why Not Excellence?” We strive to provide high quality public workshops and educational materials based solidly within the latest scholarship.  As public workshops are scheduled, they will be added to our events calendar.

The work of Whispering Lake Grove is based primarily in the myths and traditions of the Irish Celtic and Norse-Teutonic peoples, however other Indo-European cultures and traditions may also be explored from time to time. Additional information regarding the Deities of our hearth culture can be found under the heading “Hearth Culture” on this page.

Mythology is of great importance to our work as ADF Druids. It is the common themes that run throughout the mythology of the Indo-European peoples that link the various practices of ADF together and allows  us to identify as ADF Druids through the structure of our practice, instead of belief.

Myth relates a sacred history that occurred at the beginning of time. Through the study of mythology and the recreation of these mythological these during our rituals we are able to create a sacred time that is “all time”. This time is the past, present, and future of our existence.  When “all time” or sacred time is created in ritual we can stand with our Deities, our Ancestors, and the Nature Spirits in the beginning of time, in the present, and also at the end of time.

Visit our Workshop page to catch up on the Grove’s activities and learning opportunities. You can find videos, as well as text versions of our workshops and presentations.

Please visit our Mythology page on this site which contains the retellings of myths from the Indo-European cultures as told by the members of Whispering Lake Grove.

 Manannan mac Lir