Songs and Chants Continued

The following page consists of lyrics for songs and chants not found online, but often used by the grove. Some differences may be discovered, but this is how we sing it!

Blessings of the Holy Ones: Rev. Ian Corrigan
The Blessings of the Holy Ones be on me and mine.
My blessings on all beings, with peace on thee and thine.
The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree…
Flow and Flame and Grow in me.

Building Bridges: Author Unknown
Building Bridges between our divisions.
I reach out for you, won’t you reach out for me.
With all of our voices and all of our visions,
Brothers we could make such a sweet harmony…
Sisters we could make such a sweet harmony!

Center of the Worlds: Emerald
The waters flow around us…
The fires burn within us…
Standing tall we gather at the center of the world.
Upon the Earth our Mother…
We worship here together…
All as one we gather at the center of the world!

Deep Peace: Irish Blessing
Deep Peace of the Flowing Air to you…
Deep Peace of the Sacred Flame.
Deep Peace of the Running Wave to you…
Deep Peace of the Quiet Earth.
May peace… may peace… may peace fill your soul.
Let peace… let peace… let peace make you whole.

For All Time: Cindy Aldrich
The Sky fuels the Waters, the Water sustains the Sky
We walk together from this place, with the honored as our guides.

Strong in our purpose, we balance and survive.
With the many wells of fortitude, our spirits are revived.

Joyful in our sharing, we honor the Dead and Alive.
With voices of sacred wisdom, we travel the paths of our lives.

Fulfilled in our learning, our souls will always thrive.
In our varied hearts and minds, we keep the sacred for all time.

Fur and Feather: Nora Ford
Fur and Feather and Scale and Skin
All ye Spirits are welcomed in.
Leaf and stone and faery, too.
May we seal our pact with you.
It’s the stream of life that flows through us all.
The babbling brook is nature spirit’s call.
Interweaved through the web of life are we.
Come back to the Sacred Tree!

Brighid, Bright Lady: Unknown Author
Brighid, Bright Lady… We rebuild your Sacred Flame.
Brighid, Bright Lady… It’s your wisdom we desire.
Brighid, Bright Lady… Healer, Inspiration, Friend.
Brighid, Bright Lady… We return to you again!

Manannan mac Lir: Author Unknown
Manannan mac Lir, Children of Earth we call you near.
Manannan mac Lir, Help us to see with vision clear.
Lead us as we ride the waves… Guide us as we cross the veil.
Lead us as we ride the waves… Guide us as we cross the veil.

Ballad of Whispering Lake Grove: Rev. Christopher Temple
(A Bardic Work in Perpetual Progress)
One day I stood upon the shore of a bright and beautiful lake.
There I did envision a forest mighty and tall.
I knew one day the brave and true would honor us once more.
The task of planting the forest green would one day to them fall.

When a young man came unto the shores of the great Erie
I said listen closely boy and hear the whispers of the Lake.
The dream was born and seeds were planted in fertile soil.
Here I knew the Kindred all would once more be reborn.

In unity they gathered within honor and with love.
I watched the Grove grow stronger and greater than before.
Then brave enough to answer the call, swore an oath of faith.
To serve the needs of the community, the kind and those above.

They called out to the Shining Ones, Ancestors, and Spirits,
The Norse they called unto the Skald, to Odin and the Twins.
They honored Baldr at his death and Heimdall at the Gates.
Whispered to the deepest wild, to the spirits lurking there.

Unto the Celts my children called, in honor and in praise.
To Dagda, Bile, Lady Danu, and Morrighan…
They honored Lugh with spirited games of intellect and strength.
With inspiration from Brighid, and strength they gained from me.

In twenty-ought-and eight, there was a great occurrence.
Two among their number took the challenge most fierce.
The swore an oath to the Kin, to learn the Ways of Old,
Renewing the oath of the clergy folk, in a rite among their peers.

Now they seek the future, beyond forests and hills.
They see the barren lands about in need of forests green.
Their children standing at their side, seeds grasped in their hands.
I shall be beside them all and look back on the shore.

Though my tale is ended, the story is just begun.
Listen to the waves my kin, and the whispering of the lake!