Midsummer Omen

On this, a very wet Midsummer Day, we honored the Norse God Baldr. Regardless of the rainy weather, we stood united and this is the message we received from the Brightest and Fairest of the Aesir:

Tiwaz – Indicating Justice and Balance
Laguz – Indicating both a welling up of potential and “flow”
Dagaz – Indicating a New Day Dawning and good things coming.

Altogether this indicated to me that even though the rains were falling and things may look dark and dreary, there is always a new day dawning and there is always the potential for things to turn around and “get better.” Just like Baldr, there is a cycle to everything and everything in its time.

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Beltane Omen

For our Beltane celebration we received the following Ogham omen:

Duir – Oak – Indicating strength of the community
Eadhadh – Aspen – Indicates communication
H-Uath – Hawthorn – Indicates protection.

With the possibility of rough times ahead, we know that we have both the community and the Kindred to look to for protection. We must remember, though, that communication is just as important as the community.

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Imbolc Omen

The omen for our Imbolc celebration was taken by the Rev. Amber Ferrebee. Our sacrifice was accepted and we received nGetal “The Reed”, Straif “The Blackthorn”, and Muin “The Vine.”

We interpret this to mean that we are entering a time of transformation. We need to be flexible and to “go with the flow”. In addition we are reminded to have fun, even when the darkness seems to be unending.

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Yuletide Omen

Whispering Lake Grove hosted their Yuletide celebration honoring Odin, the Norse All-Father.  The omen that was taken was Othala, Eihwaz, and Isa. I interpreted this to mean that there is a definite connection between all of our hearths and homes within the community and that during this dark season it behooves us to remember those connections and while our momentum may be slowed, we can always count on each other.

[Note] Erie was hit with a huge snow storm at Christmas that put us on the news for record breaking levels. While we dig ourselves out, now is a good time to remember our neighbors.


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Samhain Celebration

Our Samhain celebration was unique in our presentation. With a somewhat “Sleeping Beauty” theme, we honored our Ancestors at the beginning, and ended our fest by blessing the newest baby in the WLG family. Several omens were taken and this is a compilation.

The Main Omen was Eihwaz (The Yew Tree) indicating the connections between the Folk and the Ancestors, Ansuz indicating communication, and Raidho indicating the journey we take together. This omen was countered by “Maleficent’s” warning that we will be entering into the Dark Season and we need to “bury the hatchet” leaving our personal issues in the Old Year.

During the blessing of the baby, each of the Norns took omens for the babe’s future, and blessings based on those omens. First gift: righteous action. Second gift: to be just and strong. Third gift: to be able to collect things to him and know their meaning and purpose. “Maleficent” gave her blessing (not quite the curse of the traditional story) that he would find friends within the darkness and never be alone.

All in all, the omen and the event were considered a major success!

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Harvest Tide Omen

Our Harvest Tide celebration honoring the Earth Mother, which coincided with the Second Annual Common Ground.

I used the Runes to get the message from the Earth Mother. We received Sowilo – the Sun, Perthro – the Dice Cup, and Isa – Ice. To me this indicates that we cannot avoid the inevitability of the cold season coming. However, we can always look to the sun and see that the warmth will always return. We have each other to help us get through the cold and the snows as the Earth Mother sleeps.

It was deemed a good omen.

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Official Notice

I thought I should probably post this here, in case anyone cared to know. As of the Grove’s Annual Meeting in July, I have been installed as the Chief Seer. I will take the Oath of Office in November, although I will serve in that capacity immediately.

Thanks to all of my grove mates that have put their trust in my ability to fulfill this post.

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August Rite of Offering/Druid Moon

Sunday, August 27, 2017 – Whispering Lake Grove, ADF hosted a Rite of Offering and Druid Moon. As Chief Seer I was away on vacation, however Rev. Amber Ferrebee acted in my stead and took the omen for the rite.

We received Luis, the Rowan which indicated clarity and discernment. Ur, the Heather indicating rebirth. Finally, Phagos, indicating experience and guidance.

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Lughnassadh Omen

Sunday, July 30, 2017 – Whispering Lake Grove, ADF celebrated Lughnassadh, honoring Lugh the Blessed.

When asked for an omen we received: Fearn, the Alder which indicates protection and guidance from our honored guest. We received Ngetal, the Broom which speaks of tools and works that we are currently involved. Finally, we received Dair, the Oak, which indicates strength. I interpreted this to mean that as Lugh influences us with a gift of strength to use the tools we have to accomplish the tasks at hand, and the guidance needed to further our endeavors. This was deemed a good omen.

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Midsummer Omen

On Sunday, June 25th WLG celebrated Midsummer, honoring the Irish healers Dian Cecht, Miach, and Airmed. The omen we received is as follows:

Saille – the Willow – “Mysteries, water related subjects, and the feminine. Flow.”
Ngetal – the Broom – “Working and tools.”
Onn – the Gorse – “Collecting things to you.”

The impression that I got from the omen was that with the season upon us, we would all be taking our trips and moving forward in our endeavors. We would have all of the things that we need to take part in the beauty of the season.  Upon reflection, I also see that the Healers have imparted their blessings upon us to share with others we meet as we take our travels and our journeys.

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