Songs and Chants

Music and Chants represent our natural ability to create energy and pray to the Kindred as a community. Music, song, and chant span world cultures and religions and allow us to express our feelings and thoughts, as well as giving us a way to unite in mind, spirit, and body during ritual and celebration.
Join Whispering Lake Grove in song and chant by checking out the following  links to our more popular additions. Many of these chants come from and Check it out and find your own favorites!
Have your own favorites to share? Contact our Chief Bard and give them a jingle!

Ancient and Strong: Phoenix

Back to the River: Abbi Spinner

Ballad of Whispering Lake Grove: Rev. Christopher Temple

Blessings of the Holy Ones: Ian Corrigan

Blood of the Ancients: Charlie Murphy

Building Bridges: Author Unknown

Celtic Blessing: Author Unknown

Center of the World: Emerald

Come Druids All: Sean Miller

Come, Follow Me: John Hilton

Come We Now as a People: Rev. Ian Corrigan

Deep Peace: Irish Blessing

Earth Mother/Sky Father: Unknown Author

Fire, Well and Tree: Pandora

For All Time: Cindy Aldrich

Fur and Feather: Sable

Fur and Feather, Scale and Skin: Nora Roberts

Gatekeeper Open the Portals: Liafal

Goddesses and Gods: Michaela Macha

Gods and Dead and Mighty Sidhe: Rev. Ian Corrigan

Hail All the Gods: Various Artists

Hymn to Brighid: Isaac Bonewits

Holy Water, Sacred Flame: Diane Baker & Annie Hall

Let the Way Be Open: Abbi Spinner

Manannan mac Lir: Unknown Author

Mothers and Fathers of Old: Sable

Never Lose Our Way: Starhawk

O Ma Ma: Abbi Spinner

Odin’s Hall: Rev. Christopher Temple

Offering Song: Anthony Thompson & Rev. Ian Corrigan

Portal Song: Rev. Ian Corrigan

Pour the Waters: Rev. Ian Corrigan

Power of the Spirits: Rev. Ian Corrigan

Thor Chant: Adapted Diana Paxson

Through Time and Tide: Diana Paxson

Walk With Wisdom: Sable

We Approach the Sacred Grove: Sean Miller

We Are a Circle Moving: Marae Price

We Are Heathens: Karl Donaldsson

Weavers: Deirdre Arthen

Well of Memory: Emerald

Yule Log: Diana Paxson