Nathan Large

Would you like a story?
Would you like a song?
Would you like a thesis that’s two hundred pages long?
Would you like a lesson?
Would you like to play?
Would you like your document checked for a small mistake?
Would you like a new staff?
Would you like mosaics?
Would you like some muffins or some cookies or a cake?
Would you like a reference?
Would you like a friend?
Would you like this silly poem to reach its blessed end?

I can tell a story.
I can sing a song.
I can write a thesis that’s two hundred pages long.
I can teach a lesson.
I can build a game.
I can check a document for any small mistake.
I can carve a tree branch.
I can paint in stone.
I can bake a bagel or a rye loaf or a scone.
I can sing your praises.
I’ll welcome you in.
But I am sorry, blessed be, these words will never end!

Nathan currently serves as Secretary of Whispering Lake Grove, Deputy Coordinator of ADF’s Games and Play Special Interest Group, and the Grove’s storyteller and game-master. He has lived in Erie since 2013 after joining his wife, Star.