Alicia (Star) Large

My name is Star. I enjoy crafting, (I love to try anything new) cooking, swimming, singing, reading, and drawing.
From third grade to middle school, I was a Vacation Bible School student at the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Towards Middle School I was a regular attendant. One day, though, it stopped feeling right to me and I started my quest, searching for a place I belonged and what felt right for me. I experienced and learned about Catholicism, First Assembly of God, Lutheran, and Methodist. I just couldn’t find the one that fit me correctly.   I stopped and decided I didn’t need a church to worship the Christian God. I got to a point that I felt there was no reason to worship, and I fell into just living life and focusing on that.  I started researching Native American spiritualism and in 2007 I found a group of pagans.  As I met more and more pagans I was being taught to learn about myself, something I knew nothing about.  As I learned about myself and continued down that twisting, turning, ever evolving path, I have found my place and I am happy.
I have been attending Whispering Lake Grove High Days for since 2008, and found I was welcomed, accepted, and treated like a little sister. In 2016 I decided it was time to start a new branch of my path, joining ADF and WLG in March. I am planning on starting the Dedicant Path. As I travel this path, to be continued…