Lughnassadh Omen

The first omen was taken to determine if Crom Dubh would stay his hand for the season, until such time that the harvest could be brought in. We were given Berkano, Perthro, and Jera. As Berkano and Jera indicate good harvest for the year and Perthro indicates fate being in our hands, I consider this a good omen.

After the sacrifice Lugh gave us the following message: Elhaz, Thurisaz, Sowilo, and Othala. I felt a tug when I received this message. It indicates that Lugh stands with us during difficult periods in our lives, especially within the hearth and home. A new day is dawning and dangers will be illuminated, taken out of the dark. All of the Kindred stand with us and as long as we retain our community, we will emerge victorious.

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