“Not-So-Sirius” Rite of Offering

During a special event sponsored by the Grove we honored our Ancestors in Sacred Revelry.  The omen taken during this event was as follows:

Othala – Indicating the Hearth and Home, as well as the presence of our Ancestors.
Perthro – Indicating fate and choices made (it also indicates a weight upon the soul, but this is lessened in this case).
Berkano – Indicating new beginnings.

The message that I felt we were being given was that the Ancestors have given us their blessings, their inspiration, and their wisdom. The choices that we make in our lives should always reflect the lessons that were imparted to us by our Ancestors. However, in the end, the choices will always be ours. We can thank the Kindred for their influence, but we cannot necessarily blame them for the bad choices that we make.

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