Brigid or Brigit from the Irish meaning ‘exalted one’), also Bríg, is a goddess of pre-Christian Ireland. She appears in Irish mythology as a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the daughter of the Dagda and wife of Bres, with whom she had a son named Ruadán.

She is associated with wisdom, poetry, healing, protection, smithing and domesticated animals. Cormac’s Glossary, written in the 9th century by Christian monks, says that Brigid was “the goddess whom poets adored” and that she had two sisters: Brigid the healer and Brigid the smith. This suggests she may have been a triple deity. She is also thought to have some relation to the British Celtic goddess Brigantia.

Saint Brigid shares many of the goddess’s attributes and her feast day, 1 February, was originally a pagan festival called Imbolc. It has thus been argued that the saint is a Christianization of the goddess, or that the lore of the goddess was transferred to her.

The Nine Nights of Brighid

“Sacred Wells”2021” – “2022” – “2023
Suil Linn a Brigid
Walk with us Brigid
Hail Brigid, Lady of Flowing Waters
Dark and Comforting One

She Who Sees

Your waters of the Well run Deep in the Past
Your waters of the Springs show us the Present
Your waters of the Rivers lead us to the Future

Patroness of Second Sight
Give us the Waters of Life
So we may learn the Power of Time

Brigid, Well Tender
Suil Linn a Brigid

“Midwife” – “2021” – “2022” – “2023
Suil Linn a Brigid
Walk with us Brigid
Hail Brigid, Teacher of Midwifery
Patient and Kind One

She Who Guides

Your knowledge ensures safe passage for New Birth
Your caring bears witness to that which must Pass On
Your protection assists all who Heed the Call

Guardian of the Threshold
Teach us of Patience
So we may know the Beauty of Birth and Death

Brigid, Goddess of Midwifery
Suil Linn a Brigid

2021” – “2022” – “2023”

“Foster Mother”
2021” – “2022” – “2023

2021” – “2022” – “2023

2021” – “2022” – “2023

2021” – “2022” – “2023

“Hearth Fire”
2021” – “2022” – “2023

2021” – “2022” – “2023

2 SACRED WELLS (1/30/22)

3 HEALING (1/31/22)

Suil LInn a Brigid
Walk with us Brigid
Hail Brigid, Benefactor of Healing
Calm and Caring One

She who Balances

Your keen awareness reveals the Affliction
Your vast knowledge provides Sage Counsel
Your steady Guidance can lead us to Healing

Wise Woman of Health and Vitality
Provide us with All that is Needed
So we may Return to Wholeness

Brigid, Goddess of Healing
Suil Linn a Brigid

4 FOSTER MOTHER (2/1/22)

Suil Linn a Brigid
Walk with us Brigid
Hail BrigId, Foster Mother of us All
Teacher & Guide

She who Nurtures

Your teaching turns confusion into Wisdom
Your guidance turns weakness into Strength
Your nurturing turns fear into Courage

Mother of Guides
Take our hand and accept our love
So you may show us the Way

Brighid, Foster Mother of us All
Suil Linn a Brigid

5 WARRIOR (2/2/22)

Suil Linn a Brigid
Walk with us Brigid
Hail Brighid, Goddess of Protection
Brave Defender & Mistress of Skills

She who Armors

Your patience brings us Shielding & Protection
Your courage brings us Knowledge of Choice
Your strength brings us the Power of Wise Action

Patron of Warriors
See into our hearts and accept our love
So you may help us to stand for ourselves & others

Brigid, Patron of Warriors
Suil Linn a Brigid

6 SMITHCRAFT (2/3/22)

Suil LInn a Brigid
Walk with us Brigid
Hail Brighid, Muse of Smithcraft
Strong and Wise One

She Who Creates

Your fires heat the Forge of Transformation
Your waters Cool the Metal into New Form
Your earthly gifts become Tools of Strength

Bright Lady of Smiths
Show to us the Ways of Balance
So you may guide our hands in the making of Art

Brigid, Goddess of Smithcraft
Suil Linn a Brigid

7 POETRY (2/4/22)
Suil Linn a Brigid
Walk with us Brigid
Hail Brigid, Patroness of Bards
Enlivened and Eloquent One

She Who Speaks

Your fires Inspire our tongues and Guide our pens
Your whispers tell us the Right Word or Praise
Your mystery speaks to us in Rhyme and Verse

Teacher of Sacred Stories
Share the Awen with us
So we may create Lore in your Name

Brigid, Bardic Inspiratrix
Suil Linn a Brigid

8 HEARTH FIRES (2/5/22)

Suil Linn a Brigid
Walk with us Brigid
Hail Brigid, Hearth Tender
Bright and Pleasant One

She who Protects

Your fires bless us with Heat to Provide
Your fires give us Light to Tend & Care
Your fires grant our hearts Courage in Security

Hearth Maiden
Burn the Sacred Fires
So we may remain Safe against the Cold and Dark

Brigid, Goddess of the Hearth
Suil Linn a Brigid

9 INITIATION (2/6/22)

Suil Linn a Brigid
Walk with us Brigid
Hail Brigid, Initiator
Astute and Confident One

She who Shows the Way

Your presence creates a Vessel for Change to Occur
Your wisdom tells us when to Let Go of the Expected
Your hands guide us to Transformation

Navigator of New Journeys
Show us the Discerning Path
So we may be led to our Truest Selves

Brigid, Goddess of Initiation
Suil Linn a Brigid