Samhain Celebration

Our Samhain celebration was unique in our presentation. With a somewhat “Sleeping Beauty” theme, we honored our Ancestors at the beginning, and ended our fest by blessing the newest baby in the WLG family. Several omens were taken and this is a compilation.

The Main Omen was Eihwaz (The Yew Tree) indicating the connections between the Folk and the Ancestors, Ansuz indicating communication, and Raidho indicating the journey we take together. This omen was countered by “Maleficent’s” warning that we will be entering into the Dark Season and we need to “bury the hatchet” leaving our personal issues in the Old Year.

During the blessing of the baby, each of the Norns took omens for the babe’s future, and blessings based on those omens. First gift: righteous action. Second gift: to be just and strong. Third gift: to be able to collect things to him and know their meaning and purpose. “Maleficent” gave her blessing (not quite the curse of the traditional story) that he would find friends within the darkness and never be alone.

All in all, the omen and the event were considered a major success!

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