From the (Future) Chief Seer

I realize I am making a huge leap of faith that I will be appointed the Chief Seer of Whispering Lake Grove, but I would like to give you a heads up regarding what you will see posted here in the future.

Following each public High Day that Whispering Lake Grove hosts, I will leave the omen here for everyone to find and read for themselves. It will show the actual drawn lots (Runes, Ogham, Tarot, etc.) and a brief description.

Once a year, I will prepare a review of the past year’s omens and any comments that may be appropriate. If at any time you would like to know more about the omen, the divination tool used, or anything relating to the offerings or sacrifices, please feel free to contact me directly and I will endeavor to answer your questions or comments.

P.S. Please, I would like to keep this blog neat and tidy. If you have any comments, please… please… please… send them directly to me.

Rev. Christopher Temple
Senior Druid Emeritus and Chief Seer
Whispering Lake Grove, ADF

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